Healthy Lighting Solutions in Alignment with the WELL Building Standard

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The WELL Building Standard, promoted by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), is a globally recognized evaluation system. It focuses on how architectural and community designs can positively affect human health and well-being.

The WELL Standard assesses buildings based on seven core areas: air, water, light, nutrition, fitness, comfort, and mind. Each area includes a range of specific features, which are detailed strategies and methods to achieve the goals of healthy buildings. These features can be preventive, performance-driven, or a combination of both.

In this standard, light holds an 11% weight, with 11 evaluation indicators and 18 specific rules. A high-quality lighting environment can stabilize the body and mind, having a positive impact on human health.

High-quality lighting can improve visual comfort, prevent eye fatigue and stress, as well as regulate the human biological clock, enhancing sleep quality, attention, and productivity.


The specific rules of lighting in the WELL Standard mainly include:

Ensuring indoor spaces have sufficient natural light or efficient artificial lighting.
Lighting design should meet the needs of visual comfort and visual tasks.
The lighting system should be able to simulate the day-night changes of natural light, i.e., circadian lighting, to support the human circadian rhythm.
Lighting design should reduce glare and provide appropriate contrast.
There should be flexible lighting control adaptable to different activities and times.
Barrina focuses on the dynamic balance between light and human circadian rhythms. By combining the factors of human living environment, luminaire distribution, and illuminance, Barrina provides professional healthy lighting solutions. These solutions not only meet the visual, emotional, and physiological health needs of living scenarios but also fully comply with the light feature level of the WELL Building Standard. In recent years, Barrina has been paying attention to the development of healthy lighting and building solutions with health technology.

Lingtong series led linear light, designed based on the concept of healthy lighting, can simulate the day-night changes of natural light, helping to adjust the human biological clock, and enhance people's attention and productivity. Barrina also uses intelligent technology to allow users to adjust the lighting environment according to their needs and preferences. This personalized light control not only improves user comfort but also helps to create a healthier, more comfortable working environment.

Barrina's healthy lighting solutions are excellent practices of the WELL Standard. Their efforts have shown us that through technological innovation, we have the ability to create a healthier, more sustainable architectural environment.



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