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How Should We Design Office Lighting?

Linear lighting will play an increasingly important role in the office environment of the future. In addition to providing sufficient light for the office, it will also enhance people's comfort and work efficiency in the office.

As we all know, when there is not enough light, it will lead to visual fatigue, physical fatigue and even headache, which will lead to concentration problems and affect productivity. Likewise, when the light is very harsh, the TV or computer screen will look gray and not clear.

So, how should we design office lighting?

First of all, we should ensure sufficient illumination and evenly distribute light to avoid strong contrast between light and dark. Also, we need to reduce the intensity of the light in the background of the operating area to avoid reflections, increasing visual fatigue. IIt is important to note that color temperature also plays an important role in the environment. According to the research data of Barrina Lab, a color temperature of about 4000K can effectively reduce visual fatigue and improve efficiency because it is closer to natural light.

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