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All life in the world cannot live without sunlight. Succulents are no exception. The hours and intensity of sunlight has a great impact on succulents. As winter closes in, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. One must think of alternatives to preserve and keep our plants alive indoors. So it’s indispensable to choose some LED Grow Lights for winter growing.

Most succulents are native to arid tropical regions, where there is plenty of sunshine with 5 to 8 hours or more of sunshine almost every day. Moderate light will make succulent plants brilliant, especially in a long period of mild sunlight environment. Lack of sunlight will reduce the plant's resistance, making the potting soil easily waterlogged, which will lead to root rot and death. It should be noted that too long and strong sunlight can cause some degree of leaf burn. The best temperature for succulents is about 77 ℉.

In general, succulents need the proper hours and intensity of light. Barrina T5 Led grow light strip 2020 series is the perfect choice for many succulent lovers. It is optimized to adapt to the habits of succulents. What's more, it generates very little heat and will not burn succulents.

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